Staying motivated through the dark, cold months

Autumn is well and truly here, which means dark nights, chilly temperatures and an overwhelming urge to stay in or hit the snooze button, all of which can spell bad news for your motivation and fitness levels. 

Don’t despair!  Our team of health experts are on hand to make sure this doesn’t happen to you and your plan!  Here are our five top tips to help you power through the winter months and stay on track with your fitness regime. 


  1. Switch up your routine 

If you’re motivation is dwindling just remember that fitness is lost more quickly that it’s gained.  So don’t let a few dark nights rob you of all your hard work over the summer months.  If you usually hit the gym after work or in the evening but this no longer feels like it’s working for youthen try setting your alarm earlier in the morning and fitting your workout in at the start of the day or even lunchtime – if you can.  Not only will you feel energised for the day aheadbut you’ll be less likely to find an excuse to skip the gym than at the end of the day.  


  1. Try something new

If you’re digging deep to find the motivation you need to hit the gym in the depths of winter than a change could be just what you need.  Now might be the perfect time to up the intensity or even look at how your nutrition and diet is impacting your energy levels.  This will help to keep your routine fresh while presenting you with a new challenge to sink your teeth in to until the return of spring/summer. 


  1. What are friends for 

Why not enlist the support of a friend to be your work out buddy in a bid to keep you on track. Not only will it help you, but they might also benefit from the support.  Having a workout buddy will give you more motivation and incentive to go to the gym.  Studies have shown it also makes you work out harder as you are likely to put in more effort than you normally would if you were just relying on your own willpower.  Not only will you see an improvement in your overall health and fitness levels but it’s a great opportunity to turn exercising into a social activity.  And with free tea and coffee at SmartFit35 – you’ve got the perfect excuse to enjoy your circuit and then enjoy a catch up afterwards!   


  1. Update your playlist

It might sound simple but nothing gets you moving better than music and studies have found that working out to music significantly improves your performance.  So, whether your favourite song gives you energy or the beat helps to pace or distract you, it will certainly give your motivation levels a much needed boost.  To stop boredom setting in though regularly update your playlist so you have new songs to energise you whatever the weather.  


  1. Maintain a balanced diet

There is something about autumn/winter which screams comforting carbs washed down with red wine.  Although carbs are an important food group, don’t forget to get the balance right and don’t miss out on equally as important fresh veg and protein.  Nothing makes you feel more sluggish than if you’re not getting the nutrients your body needs.  A balanced, unprocessed diet is the best way to fuel your body and what’s more will help to fight off the winter coughs and colds which are a huge motivation killer.